The Talking Knots by Zoe Siu

The Talking Knots by Zoe Siu


11 July–1 September 2019




K11 Atrium

Have you ever wondered how history was written before words were invented? Dating back to prehistoric times, Inca record-keepers in the Andean South America encoded a tremendous quantity and variety of data using knotted and dyed strings, which later became the ancient numbers
record-keeping system: Khipu, also known as ‘the talking Inca knots’.
Zoe Siu, a Hong Kong-based millennial knot artist and jewelry designer, considers knot art not only a contemporary handicraft, but also an intellectual heritage that had a profound impact on human civilization. Therefore, she reinterprets the interrelationship between its fashion aesthetics and cultural value. The artist also blends a variety of textile materials and knot patterns into 3 hand-knotted installations: Talking Documentation, Code : Encode and Sitting on The Data. Join us to reveal the myth concealed in ancient knot art.

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