X'mas Reflection



X'mas Reflection

X'mas Reflection

Life is a reflection of what we allow ourselves to experience. This Christmas, K11 invites you to step into a world of magic with a selection of carefully curated works that inspire.


This journey begins with an interactive digital wonder at K11 Piazza that recalls Christmas spirit seen in modern day with vibrant bursts of colour. Enhance your journey with the mysterious beauty presented by David Altmejd at K11 Atrium. Finally, don’t forget to visit chi K11 art space, which has been transformed into an immersive modern planet filled with lights and mirrors that will guide you to an unforgettable self-reflection trip.


Let your imagination run wild as you experience K11’s world of unlimited creativity!


Date:7 November 2019 – 1 January 2020

Venue:K11 Art Mall Atrium, Piazza and chi K11 art space

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