Christmas Art Playground



Christmas Art Playground

Christmas Art Playground

Just when you thought playgrounds couldn’t get any better.


This Christmas, K11 transforms into the most colorful multidimensional art playground in town, inviting you to seek the wonders of the festive season through indulgent play.


As part of K11’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Christmas Art Playground comes to life with 3 fantastical art installations by local architecture studio AaaM and Japanese visual artist Shohei Tsuda. These renowned artists transformed and redesigned daily and industrial objects into dynamic art forms, including a vibrant 6-meter-high interactive sculpture, large-scale playable light installations, and multisensory light and sound art compositions, provoking a self-consciousness in the viewer physically, socially, cognitively and emotionally. We invite the modern brain and the adventurous soul to embark on an engaging and challenging experience that is beyond joyful.


Periscoping Hong Kong

Created exclusively for K11’s Christmas Art Playground, AaaM Architects’ “Periscoping Hong Kong” is a 2nd version of their periscope and merry-go-round interactive installation “Periscoping Hutong” which debuted at Beijing Design Week 2017.


Date: 13 Nov 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: Atrium


Game of Light

The Game of Light by AaaM Architects is a large-scale, multidimensional interactive lighting installation which celebrates the power of ‘individuality’ and ‘collectivity’ through active engagement with the players. Playing with the concept of empowerment, this playable artwork inspires individuals to unleash their potential and collaborate to make a difference.


Date: 13 Nov 2018 – 13 Jan 2019

Time: 10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: Piazza


MUTATIONS by Shohei Tsuda

This Christmas, emerging Japanese visual & sound artist Shohei Tsuda reconstructs chi K11 art space with daily objects, turning it into something very different to shake up and sharpen your sensibility.


Date: 13 Nov 2018 – 13 Jan 2019

Time: 12:00nn – 10:00pm

Venue: chi K11 art space (B2/F)

Admission Fee: HK$30*



We encourage you to think out of the box and discover your mindfulness and inner self after crossing Shohei’s process of ‘mutation’. Experience the unique INK PLAYROOM where you can express yourself and transform your energy into artwork on canvases by creating a powerful and unique gift at K11 Christmas Art Playground!  


Date: 13 Nov 2018 – 13 Jan 2019

Venue: chi K11 art space (B2/F)

Admission Fee: HK$150*

(Online Registration: HK$120)


What’s Your Power Color?

Do you know everyone has their unique power color? Visit our booth on G/F to discover your own color of the day plus the chance to get other Christmas gifts.


Date:17 Nov 2018 – 6 Jan 2018

Time:2:00pm – 8:00pm



Giant Screen Digital Interactive Claw Game!

The first ever in Hong Kong, our fun digital claw machine ‘Claw11’ is a nostalgic arcade game with a high-tech spin! Move and drop the claw to grab fabulous prizes. Stayed tuned to our social media channels for the latest information and tips.


Date:17 Nov 2018 – 6 Jan 2018

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm



Ghostleg Ladder Interactive Game

Test your daily vibes! A twist on the traditional ‘ghostleg lottery’ game, this giant neon light interactive version spans the railings from 1/F to 3/F. Press the button and guess where your ‘ghostleg’ lands! Don’t forgot to get a friend to take a snapshot for you from the opposite side!


Date:13 Nov 2018 – 6 Jan 2019

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue:1/F – 3/F



*KLUB 11 & Artist KLUB Member Exclusive Offers

MUTATIONS by Shohei Tsuda : 
KLUB 11 Black Card Member : Free
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member, Artist KLUB Paid Member: HK$15
KLUB 11 Pre-Member, Registered Member, Artist KLUB Free Member: HK$20

INK Playroom: Mutation in Action! :
KLUB 11 Black Card Member : Free
KLUB 11 Gold Card Member, Artist KLUB Paid Member: HK$100
KLUB 11 Pre-Member, Registered Member, Artist KLUB Free Member: HK$120


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