“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition



“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition

“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition

“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition

Four New-Gen Ukiyo-e Artists Join Forces in a Journey Through the World of Pop Culture

Hundreds of Original Ukiyo-e Prints Bridge Edo Period and the Modern World

Original Limited-Edition Ukiyo-e Art Derivatives and Live Ukiyo-e Portraits


K11 strives to provide a platform to promote contemporary art. Following last year's collaboration on “The Arrival of Cosmic Girl”, K11 is once again collaborating with JPS Gallery, teaming up with four prominent ukiyo-e artists, Horihiro Mitomo, Ukiyoemon Mitomoya, Horitatsu and Bang Ganji to jointly present “K11 Art Matsuri” Modern Art of Floating World Exhibition from now until 1 July. In a break from tradition, these four artists bridge the gap between traditional art and everyday life, combining ukiyo-e with modern elements and fusing different cultural elements into a cool 'new' art form – after all, everyday life is exactly what ukiyo-e is about.


The exhibit has six main segments – Street Fashion, Japanese Work Culture, Anime, Manga Culture and Yokai Culture, with the aim of savouring the meaning behind ukiyo-e, and correlating it with the viewer’s own life experience and values.


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K11 is holding multiple cultural events in conjunction with “K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition, including artist dialogues at SALON11, showing of Yurugu Matsumoto's award-winning short film at MOVIE11, and a music programme musik11. Numerous K11 merchants will also feature products from Japan, allowing you to experience Japanese culture from every angle.


“K11 Art Matsuri” Ukiyo-e Art Exhibition


Exhibition Period: 7 June to 1 July 2019

Venue: chi K11 art space (B2/F, K11 Art Mall)

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