Fashion Fusion – Tattoo X Threads



Fashion Fusion – Tattoo X Threads

Fashion Fusion – Tattoo X Threads

Tattooing emerged as early as five thousand years ago. Throughout its long history, this art form has become part of the popular culture. Tattoo designs display uniqueness and diversity. Every tattoo speaks for the owner’s individuality and showcases the creator’s spirit and skill. What would be platforms for showcasing tattoos other than the body? From fashionto installations, from animations to designer goods, K11 brings you Fashion Fusion: Tattoo X Threads! The novel ways of expression of tattooing will surely give you a brand-new look at the various aspects of such an art form.


On the entrance wall is the work of tattoo artist Jun Ngai, who got the inspiration from dragon carvings and mandala flowers in the Chinese Palace Museum. It features the "Old School style" of colourfulness, smooth lines, and symmetrical patterns. There is another work by Keno, who got his inspiration from mother nature. It features dots, lines, and faces, which form the universe.


Date:12 July – 2 September 2018

Time:12nn – 10pm

Venue:chi K11 Art Space

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