K11 Summer Hunt 2018

K11 Summer Hunt 2018

This summer, great gifts await at K11. Grab your mobile phone and start hunting! 15 designated treasure hunt locations are set throughout K11. Scan the QR code when you find them to reveal the special rewards, which vary for each of the 15 checkpoints. The treasure hunt starts now!


QR code reward location:

1) B2/F outside Xia Xiao Fei (Shop B226-B227A)
2) B2/F outside D-Mop Zone (Shop B205-206B & B208-210A)
3) B1/F outside Pan de Pain (Shop B111B)
4) B1/F outside Mannings (Shop B108-110)5) G/F outside Y-3 (Shop G07-09)
6) G/F outside Global Timepieces (Shop G01)
7) 1/F outside Motherhouse (Shop 103)
8) 1/F outside K11 Design Store (Shop 105,110-111)
9) 2/F outside K11 Natural (Shop 201)
10) 2/F outside Kyoto Matcha An (Shop 211)
11) 3/F outside BU (Shop 310-311)
12-15) inside K11 elevators


Flash Rewards
Among of the 15 fixed locations, bonus flash rewards will appear on designated dates at 3pm! Search around K11 for the mobile treasure hunt boards and scan the Flash Reward QR code for the chance to get fabulous prizes!


Flash Reward Dates (3pm) and Prizes


4 August (Sat) - Luna Café A5 Matsusaka Beef Pie 1pc (Quota: 20)

5 August (Sun) - K11 Surprise Box 1pc (Quota: 10)

11 August(Sat) - Borghese Fango Essenziali Purify Mud Mask 1pc (Quota: 25)

12 August(Sun) - Truffle Paste 1 Bottle (Quota: 15)

18 August(Sat) - Jeffery Koo pastry 1pc (Quota:10)

19 August(Sun) - Skin Inc Oxy Recharge Bubble Mask 30ml 1pc (Quota:15)

25 August(Sat) - KLUB 11 Beauty Bag (Quota: 10)

26 August(Sun) - Pause Rewind & Fastforward Tea Set 1 set (Quota:20)

1 September(Sat) - ro coins bag (Quota: 20 pc)

2 September(Sun) - Thermos 500ml Vacuum Flash (Quota: 20)


*Prizes available while stocks last on a first-come, first-served basis.


Want to join? Register as aKLUB 11 Member and download our “K11 HK” Mobile App, then log in to scan the QRcodes!


 Terms and conditions

- This offer is only applicable to KLUB 11 Members only.

- Flash Rewards is only applicable to KLUB 11 Pre-Members, Gold Card Members and Black Card Members. Flash Rewards must be redeemed by at the QR code appearance date. Expired code will be forfeited.

 - Each QR code reward can be redeemed once per day.

- Photos for reference only. Available while stocks last and stock will not be replenished. The availability of gifts will vary during the promotion.

- The promo code cannot be exchanged for cash, other coupons or items.

- K11 Loyalty Program Limited is not the providers of any of these products and/or services herein and make no representation or warranty in relation to the same.

- K11 Loyalty Program Limited reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at anytime without prior notice.

- In case of any disputes, K11 Loyalty Program Limited and participating merchants reserve the right to make the final judgment and the decision of K11 Loyalty Program Limited and participating merchants shall be final.

- In case of discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version will prevail.
- For detailed Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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