“Running out of Lines” Exhibition



“Running out of Lines” Exhibition

“Running out of Lines” Exhibition

If you are interested in lines, check into the solo exhibition of visual artist Chi Kuen Victor Chu entitled “Running out of Lines” at K11 Showcases. Chu’s multi-dimensional works transmute 2D graphics into 3D existence using simple lines and geometry that push the boundaries of imagination.


‘Running out of Lines’ is the recurring motif of Chu’s work. Lines are not just linear continua of dots but also strands of words and dialogues. Instead of heavy-handed explanation, Chu believes that art should allow viewers’ free association and interpretation. He uses one of the simplest elements of design–lines–to create room for different parties to unleash their imagination without words.


Chu’s works represent the transmutation of 2D graphics into 3D existence using elements such as neon, string and glass. The 2D graphics are visually pulled out of a plain and twisted. He introduces movement into the unmovable, repeated and rigid imagery to add a sense of depth.


Date:26 September – 8 November

Time:10:00am – 10:00pm

Venue: K11 Showcases (G/F, 1/F, 2/F)

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