Me: Millennials

Me: Millennials


21 Mar – 21 May 2017


10am – 10pm



K11 will celebrate its Art Month this year under the theme of ME: MILLENNIALS, with a series of new media art exhibitions curated to open up new imagination in the conceptual age. This includes the first exhibition of large-scale digital sculpture, MOBILE FAWN, complemented with a 9-meter interactive digital garden, created by Dutch digital artist Faiyaz Jafri; and #LIKE4LIKE, a joint new media art exhibition by 10 millennial generation artists, which showcase trans-disciplinary media power enabled by the advancement of technology. Another millennial artist Silas Fong is initiating a crowdsourcing process for a public art project, targeting to recruit online “STAN” (for “stalker” & “fan”). Silas Fong will act as an INTERVIEW SERVICE PROVIDER (ISP) to do personal interviews for the STANs and turn them into video art.11 experimental video clips from the project will be displayed at K11 Showcases.

As technology advances, our society is moving from the information age to the conceptual age, in which creativity, sensual experience, and meanings prevail. Technology also brought new possibilities and platforms for contemporary art. The blurring boundaries between different media forms brings new sensations to audience. K11 calls upon new media artists to bring diversified art forms through the exhibitions, to open up new imagination in the conceptual age.

Date: 21 Mar – 21 May 2017

Time: 10am – 10pm

Venue: K11

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