K11 Design Store @ Art Central



K11 Design Store @ Art Central

K11 Design Store @ Art Central

Date: 27 March – 1 April 2018

Location: Booth D20 (Central Harbourfront Hong Kong)


K11 Design Store emphasizes the originality and craftsmanship in every product, with the belief that that good design touches one’s heart and opens up new realms of imagination.


This is the 3rd year for K11 Design Store to take part in Art Central, and the team invites you to inject innovation and refined aesthetics into your lifestyle with a versatile selection of artist’s products, including 4 exclusive collaborations with world-class artists — Van Gogh Museum, Zhao Yang, Mike Frederiqo and Song Dong, plus exquisite works of art by Zhu Ben Yu.


Product Highlights

Van Gogh Museum - A valued partner of K11 since 2017, Van Gogh Museum served as the inspiration for this new collaboration. The K11 team adapted Van Gogh’s acclaimed artwork Almond Blossom with a red background for the exclusive limited edition collection.

Zhao Yang - K11 debuts the first collaboration with famous Asian artist Zhao Yang, creating a series of art derivative products inspired by his painting "Eskimo” from 2014.


Mike Frederiqo - This young Dutch artist is taking the trendy circles by storm with his signature illustrations laden with humor and creativity. He specially designed an exclusive and limited edition K11 Collection incorporating the soul of K11, Mr. Adrian Cheng into the brand logo.

Song Dong - “A World in a Well – Three-section Nunchuck” is a spiritual weapon for when we face testing times. The well symbolizes dilemmas, a narrow mind and challenges in life, while also representing the source of energy, water, minerals and other resources. We are all unworldly frogs trapped at the bottom of wells. The ability to resolve dilemmas and how to interpret life’s inspirations depends on the attitude you choose. 


Zhu Ben Yu - He is deeply fascinated by the coldness and strength of metal and creates steampunk art by reassembling used auto parts. He insists on handcrafting each original piece of work himself, finishing it with a retro tungsten bulb to give a second life to the work. 


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