「Dimensions of Fabric」Exhibition



「Dimensions of Fabric」Exhibition

「Dimensions of Fabric」Exhibition

The “Dimensions of Fabric”, co-organized by Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong, Consulate General of Italy, Colourliving and Molteni, illustrates the aesthetic quintessence of Italian interior design through knit structures and handmade fabric installations.


Zone 1 ─ ‘One-point Perspective’

In this exhibition that elucidates Italian design aesthetics, wood and thread are used, coupled with lighting and unique furniture designs, to illustrate ‘one-point perspective’ and echoes to the ‘linear perspective’ technique employed in the installation displayed at the Atrium.


Zone 2 ─ Woven Interaction

Think invisible threads that connect people. They meet and interweave with each other to form life’s myriad scenario.

In this zone, a 4-metre-wide ‘map’ is installed with colourful bobbins for visitors to manipulate and create messages on the ‘map’ that symbolises interactions in life.


Zone 3 & 4 ─ The Modern Aesthetics of Weaving

Visitors take to a journey through hung exhibits of woven works to explore the world of weaving. Knit and fabric artworks are juxtaposed with modern furniture created by two renowned Italian houses, namely Paola Lenti and Molteni, to illustrate a stark contrast in style, colour, pattern, texture and craftsmanship. Visitors can also take a sneak peek into the creation of the exhibits in the ‘making of’ video.


Zone 5 ─ Large Scale Woven Installation

Over a Hundred pieces of fabric are assembled, using ingenious techniques and creativity, to challenge structural constraints by reinterpreting the texture and form of woven material. The result is a sumptuous display of beauty in a three-dimensional space.


Date:29 September – 22 October

Time:12:00nn – 10:00pm

Venue:chi K11 art space (K11 B2/F)

Entrance Fee*: HKD20  

* Free entrance upon fulfillment of one of the followings:

  • Follow K11 Artist Klub on Instagram (@K11hk @k11artistklub)
  • Join K11 Artist Klub as Paid Member
  • Children under 12 years old
  • Students with valid student ID

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