Artisanal Curiosity Cabinet

Artisanal Curiosity Cabinet

Globally recognised and tasted by connoisseurs all over the world, a handpicked selection of 4 most prestigious sakes demonstrates Japan’s centuries of gastronomic craftsmanship at its best. Together with a collection of artful accessories by native Hong Kong ceramic artist and painter Terence Lee, a remarkable moment of wine and art pairing ensues.


Fun Facts about Sake


Seimaibuai and premium sake

20% of all sake produced in Japan qualify as “premium” sake. In order to be called a premium sake, its Seimaibuai has to be at the value of 70% or above, meaning at least 30% of the rice has to be polished to get rid of excessive fat and protein.



Served cold or warm?

It is said that sakes with a stronger aroma such as Ginjo or Daiginjo are better enjoyed cold (~16°C) for a refreshing mouthfeel; those with a full-bodied taste such as Junmai sake or Honjozo are better enjoyed warm (~55°C) to enhance its aroma.


Know where your sake is from

The spring water (Meisui), rice and local craftsmen’s brewing techniques define the characteristics of sakes from different regions. For example, the cool climate of Hokkaido gives its sake a light and smooth texture; Kyoto’s famous soft water Fushimi Water grants its sake a delicate and elegant profile.


Served to world leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013, Ohmine Junmai Diginjo is brewed by the skillful hands of local craftsmen using Yamaguchi-grown rice “Yamada Nishiki” and “Benten spring water”.


Ohmine Junmai Daiginjo 720ml (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 6 bottles only)



Award-winning Sake Brewed with 100% Niigata-grown Brown Rice

When the quality is guaranteed by Niigata Sake Brewers Association (Niigata A.O.C), it is no wonder that Denemon Junmai Ginjo won a Grand Gold at Japan Kan Sake Award 2016 (Premium Kan Sake Category).


Denemon Junmai Ginjo 720ml (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 24 bottles only)



Rare Limited Sake in a Handmade Wooden Box

A proud result of Kamaya Brewery’s over 260 years of experience, this Kamaya Junmai Daiginjo embodies a refreshing and fruity aroma. It has a striking 38% Seimaibuai (Milling rate), giving you a cleaner, crisper and purer taste.


Kamaya Junmai Daiginjo 720ml (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 12 bottles only)



Daiginjo from Brewery with over 50-year Heritage from Aomori

Winners of various sake awards including the International Sake Challenge and Ginjo National Level Competition, Momokawa Daiginjo is brewed from the famous Yamada Nishiki rice and has a very light mouthfeel and dry finish.


Momokawa Daiginjo 1.8L (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 12 bottles only)



Contemporary ceramic art made everyday-friendly

Exclusively made for K11, this limited edition accessory set from Hong Kong ceramic artist and painter Terence Lee forms a strong contrast by using only black and white, infusing his passion for art into everyday objects.


Bottle measurements: 80mm x H170mm

Cup measurements: 60mm x H60mm

Sake Accessory Set by Terence Lee (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 6 sets only)

Bottle HKD2,000

Cup HKD200


When Bone China Becomes an Artist’s Canvas

Lively and artful strokes of ink (in the forms of ink splashing, flat coating and sketching) set a strong visual contrast against the pristine bone china.


Plate diameter: 12”


Black & White Bone China Plate (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 10 pcs only)



Individualistic Porcelain Art Crafted by Hand

Stunning in its own way, each of these porcelain cups is ink-splashed by hand to achieve a unique appearance that resembles none other.


Cup measurements: 50mm x H60mm


White Porcelain Cup with Black Paint (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 200 pcs only)


A Blessing for the Eye and Mind

The image on each plate is taken from original paintings by Hong Kong painter Terence Lee, bringing us glory, peace, joy and hope with bright colors.


Plate diameter: 10.5”


“Blessings” Bone China Plate 4pc Set (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 50 sets only)



Breezes of Fragrance from Flowers and Teas

Unbroken lines swirling and waltzing on patches of rich yellow breathe life into this bone china teacup, featuring original painting by Hong Kong artist Terence Lee.


Teacup measurements: Ø100mm x H100mm


“Narcissu” Bone China Chinese Teacup (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 100 pcs only)



Teapot measurements: Ø80mm x H200mm

Teacup measurements: Ø90mm x H60mm

Saucer measurements: Ø155mm


“Narcissu” Bone China Western Tea Set (K11 Exclusive: Limited offer of 3 sets only)

HKD 2,800


Artisanal Curiosity Cabinet

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